Brigadoon 2017

The Bundanoon Highland Gathering

Saturday 1st April

The Clans and Scottish Societies

About the Clans

An important factor in Scotland's development as a nation over the last 1000 years has been the existence of the clan system.

The word 'clan' means children or descendants in Gaelic. Clans are older than Scotland itself and are regarded as a vital part of the country's heritage. This system of family groupings has given many Scots their surnames, providing a great amount of family pride and producing a sense of community. Not all surnames in Scotland became clans but those that did were usually of a sufficient size to have established a territory and have a clan chief.

The chief was often the person who could best lead a fighting clan but this evolved to adopting the male successor of the incumbent chief. The most important clan chiefs were part-kings, part-protectorates and part-judges and they held real power over their controlled lands.

After the Jacobite Uprising in 1745 when many clans supported the claim of Prince Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) in his failed atempt to take back the British throne the clan system, as it had operated for hundreds of years, was essentially destroyed. The power of the chief was reduced as the monarch established his authority while the nature of the clan system was also evolving with less need to defend or attack clan territory as people moved more freely around the country.

Nevertheless, the notion of 'belonging' is strong and to this day there are clan societies who keep members in touch with one another and clan gatherings on traditional clan territory, usually with a clan chief in attendance. Around the world clan gatherings take place at Highland games similar to Brigadoon where there is a great sense of occasion and long-standing traditions are upheld.

Clans and Societies at Brigadoon 2017

The clan representatives bring their clan's culture (tartans, artifacts and customs) and history to Brigadoon.

If you are of Scottish descent, even if your clan or family is not specifically represented, you may find someone who can help you explore and celebrate your heritage.

Clan Arthur   C3  Website   Facebook

Clan Cameron   C21  Website   Facebook

Clan Campbell   C3  Website   Facebook

Clan Davidson   C25  Facebook

Clan Donald   C13  Website   Facebook

Clan Edmondstone Society   C22  Facebook

Clan Farquharson   C14  Website   Facebook

Clan Fraser   C4  Website   Facebook

Clan Gordon   C12  Website  

Clan Gunn Society   C16  Website   Facebook

Clan Hope of Craighall Society   C17  Website   Facebook

Clan MacFarlane Society   C15  Website   Facebook

Clan MacLennan   C8  Website   Facebook

Clan MacMillan   C5  Website  

Clan MacPherson   C19  Website   Facebook

Clan MacRae   C23  Website  

Clan Maclean   C6  Website   Facebook

Clan Matheson   C18  Website   Facebook

Clan McGregor   C7  Website   Facebook

Clan Munro   C4  Website   Facebook

Clan Murray   C11  Website  

Clan Scott   C10  Website  

Clan Stewart Society   C20  Website   Facebook

Clan Sutherland   C9  Website   Facebook

Scottish House   C2  Website   Facebook

The Australian Scottish Gaelic Association   C24  Website  

Clan 'Spirit of the Day'

At the 2016 Gathering clans were judged during the Parade on team participation, important features and pride in their tartan and for their Tents on colour and effort displaying their heritage.

Clan Lindsay excelled in the Parade closely followed by Clan Donald. Clan Donald had so much to look at and read in their tent display that they were announced as the overall winner.

Clan Donald

Congratulation to Clan Donald on your award for 'Spirit of the Day'

Be involved at Brigadoon

There are a number of ways your Clan or Scottish Society may like to be involved in Brigadoon as either a one off event or a continuing event for a series of years. For more information about setting up a Clan Information Stall (no fee) contact the Clans Coordinator Wilma Cotterill by email at:

For more information regarding participating in the Street Parade contact the Parade Coordinator Joanne Smith by email at: